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You were the star thrown at me by the night sky to brighten my path with thy light. I showered upon you my empty sight that hovered over those poor souls who trod my path; the darkness in its depth well enough to frighten the darkest of nights and the bravest of knights. Yet you embraced it with a mighty smile, spreading your heat entwined with the ray of hope that melted the ice deep within my heart. You fell upon me during my weakest in life, to blend alongside the most wondrous of dreams that ever met my eye. While you burnt away from your body, pushing each and every ounce of your bleeding slings of hope into me, I waited for the hour to pass and the delirium to die with the lie. Each passing moment was a torture as I watched you disintegrate into small freckles on the face of the earth, as I waited impatiently for the wretched shrink to pull me out of the worst psych attack of my life.

As I lay there on that damp, dirty, garden floor with an outstretched arm to yours, I knew you weren’t a dream but held fast my breathe out of fear that it was too good to be true. Before the last of your rays surged into my sweat slick body, you reached across to pet my cheek, to tell me that you’ll never leave. Because you knew well before I that you could only stay within me to always be by my side. Tonight, gazing out at the sky from whence you dawned on me, I promise you my dearΒ fallen star, that your gift of hope will forever remain the closest to my mending heart.


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